""There is no higher and lower nature in human beings. It's all one. Every act of spirit is fleshly and every physical act is formed by spirit. Dualism is absurd. Wiping the bottom of one of my little boys was as close to God as I would ever get; sitting alone and reading Boccaccio or Rousseau is a physical act. I'm reading something besides journalism, and I feel better, so my pulse rate drops; I feel relaxed and at the same time tensed, but tensed in a different way, struggling to understand, to take it all in. I respond physically. Physical and mental activity are never separate. There is no such thing as being "too cerebral" or "too physical" but only different degrees of courage, grace, intelligence, and wit." "
Great Books - David Denby

From David Denby, Great Books, Chapter 19, "Montaigne," page 276-277.